Book Review and Interview, The Subconscious, The Divine and Me

Here’s my latest book interview from Before It’s News!

Cover_small_jpg1.  What was your prime motivation for creating your book, “The Subconscious, The Divine, and Me”?

The prime motivation behind creating my book was to share the many authentically powerful experiences subconscious healing has generated.  All of the experiences are those I have intimately seen or experienced myself, so I feel grateful to be able to pass on first hand knowledge.

2.  I would like for you to share some wisdom from each chapter starting with Pain Leads to Suffering?

When human emotion is experienced fully, it dissipates and dissolves.  Unfortunately, pain is one of the emotions we are here to experience and naturally, we all tend to shy away from it.  When that happens, pain gets suppressed into the subconscious mind.  It is then the job of the subconscious mind to help us experience and dissolve that pain.  It does so by creating situations in our lives that will bring the pain up.  If the pain continues to be avoided and suppressed into the subconscious, we’ll begin to see repeating patterns of the same painful situations over and over again.  This is what I call suffering.

3.  Would you tell us about Suffering Leads to Awareness?

When we have suffered enough, we begin to look for the sources of our suffering.    With reflection, many people understand the causes of suffering can come from a variety of experiences but almost all of them originate in the past.  Further insight is garnered when it’s recognized that suffering can actually be felt in the body.  This begins the road to awareness.
Some universal themes of suffering include abandonment, unworthiness, grief, physical illness, resistance, stress, and addictions.

4.  How about some knowledge from Awareness Leads to Healing?

Once we become aware of subconsciously suppressed emotion and painful repeating patterns, we can take active steps to heal the subconscious. There are numerous techniques to accomplish this, but each technique is essentially a form of meditation that will enable us to experience suppressed emotion and let it go.

5.  What about the chapter Healing Leads to Awakening?

Besides being the home of suppressed emotion, the subconscious mind is also the path to the Universal Life Force which I refer to in my book as “The Divine”.  As emotional healing advances, the subconscious mind will be cleaned out.  This will open the already existing conduit to Divine energy.  At that point, connecting to Divine presence can happen quite naturally through our energy field.  We can develop this connection by utilizing the vastness of the imagination through deep states of relaxation.

6. Now would you share some wisdom from Awakening Leads to Development?

Most of this chapter in dedicated to mystical experiences I have actually had.  My intention on sharing this information was to help inspire people to have their own experiences.
When Divine connection is established and pursued, otherworldly episodes may begin to occur.  These experiences can then be built upon by developing spiritual skills including: sharpening intuition, moving energy, manifesting, healing and creating constant interaction with Divine energy.

7. Could you share some information with us about Development Leads to Action?

As connection with the Divine unfolds, people begin to discover the highest expression of themselves in relation to that energy.  Life will fill with passion, meaning, purpose, and joy.  Healing and Spirituality can then reach their apex by being shared for the betterment of the world at large. For some, it may take on the form of some type of healing or teaching.  Whereas for others, the act of being the highest version of who they are meant to be in this life is more than enough.

8.  What are you working on next books or projects wise and do you have a link you would like to share?

I’m currently in the process of preparing a four-night backpacking trip into the back country of Yellowstone National Park, during August 2013.  Myself and two others are undertaking this trip as a self-directed Walkabout / Vision Quest.  It is our intention to accelerate and/or deepen our personal and spiritual growth by experiencing synchronicities, “aha” moments, insights, clairvoyant intuitions, visions, visitations, downloads, and animal totems through the spiritual medium of Nature.  I’m hoping this excursion will provide ample material to write about.