What do I want in the New Year? Hmm…Oh, yeah…World Peace

peaceImagine yourself yourself on stage, receiving an Academy Award in front of millions.  After giving your long-winded acceptance speech, the MC asks, “And what would you like for the New Year?”  Stargazed in front of your fans and totally caught off guard by the question, you answer, “Hmm…Oh, yeah…World Peace!

If you’re like me, you roll your eyes in disgust, reach for the remote control, and switch the Idiot Box off.  World Peace?  C’mon.  Give me a break.

More often than not, I feel like a wind-blown grain of sand on a endless beach.  How can I have an impact on something of that magnitude?  Heck, I can barely make peace with my own family during the holidays.

Okay.  I get the point.  So let’s scale it back a little.

Question:  If I think about it, what world am I really in anyway?  Answer:  (Like most of us) In my own little world.

Furthermore, that little world is mostly self-generated.  What lives inside of me is what I experience on the outside.  In other words, all the conflict in my life, is conflict that already exists inside of me.  All the peace and harmony I experience in my life, also lives inside me first.

That brings us to Spiritual Truth #386:  What lives within, is reflected with out.

Another way to say it is, Self Acceptance is Peace.  The first step to attain peace is to acknowledge and release the conflict that lies within.  Most of that can be done by letting go of the past.  The next step is to accept ourselves as we are, without judgement (with all our perceived imperfections).  When we we do that, peace reigns from within.  When peace reigns within, we’ll experience it in our own little world, however small or large that might be.  Like it or not, we are the masters of our own universe.

So what do I want in the New Year?  Hmm…Oh, yeah…World Peace!