What is Meditation and Energy Healing? What’s it good for?


I’ve been dabbling in the art of meditation and energy healing for the better part of 25 years.  So much in fact, that I accidentally became a healer.

Meditation is nothing more than deep relaxation.  However, the real magic behind meditation is that when you get deep enough into “the zone” it opens the doors to another world.  It’s the world of the subconscious mind.  There’s all sorts of mystical stuff in there, including the experience of your Creator.   But in terms of healing the most important things in the subconscious are suppressed emotions from the past.

Those emotions are like living little critters and they want to be experienced.  When they are, they dissolve and go away.  When they aren’t they make all sorts of trouble by creating repeating pattens of the same problems over and over again.  You know–problems with health, love, and money,

The beauty of meditation is that suppressed emotion from the past can be released when you’re deeply relaxed.  There’s nothin’ to it.  When they’re gone, the repeating problems go with them.  That includes difficulties with health, relationships and finances.

If you have any questions on meditation, energy healing, or spirituality, please let me know.  I’m here to help out.  If you want to include me into your networking circles, I’d be into that to.

For more info on me and what I do, please visit: www.josephdrumheller.com

I also have books, CD’s and the usuals, so feel free to check those out it that suits your fancy.


3 thoughts on “What is Meditation and Energy Healing? What’s it good for?

  1. Hello… I m pretty new at meditating and self chakra meditation…It would be nice if you can share some information on healing through chakras, as I hear its very effective


    1. Hi Mindyourwings,

      Thanks for your question on chakras.

      The best meditation for chakras I’ve ever run across is a CD from Ananda Giri. entitled The Oneness Chakra Meditation. I highly, highly recommend it. I use it regularly in my healing practice. It’s available through Amazon.

      Here’s a little more info on chakras from an excerpt for my book, The Subconscious the Divine, and Me

      Chakras and the Human Energy Field
      Good question. The answer goes back thousands of years into writings of the Vedic tradition in India (2,000 – 600 B.C.), where knowledge of chakras was first unveiled. Chakras were described as centers of spinning energy, located within the human aura (energy field). There are seven main chakras, specifically located from the base of the spine to the top of the head that receive, assimilate, and transmit life force (Divine) energy. Each chakra contains measurable patterns of electromagnetic activity and reflects essential aspects of human consciousness. The chakras are major contributors to the subconscious human experience.

      The diagram below is a simplified map of the human chakra system. The list below the diagram contains the name of each chakra (English and Sanskrit) and corresponding attributes.

      I hope this helps. Keep up the good work with meditating. You’re standing on the threshold of a tremendously magical world.


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