A Mind Blowing Spiritual Awakening – Tony Robbins meets Oneness University, Part 2 of 5

Spirituality, Meditation, Mindfulness and Energy Healing


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Taken from modified excerpts of my book:

The Subconscious, the Divine and Me

The_Point_(Fiji)In 2008-09, I had two mind blowing spiritual awakening weeks through Oneness University that changed my life forever.


At the end of my last blog, I left our hero dangling at a spiritual retreat put on by Oneness University in Fiji.  He had just experienced his first energy download through the image of  Tony Robbins.  Let’s see what the Divine has up its sleeve now.


Two days later, the theme of the day was joy.  The leaders of the retreat we’re really bringing the juice, as we entered meditation.  Joy was in the air.  As we collectively settled into a trance state, people started breaking out into laughter.   It was hilarious.  As the meditation continued, it hit me too.  I laughed so hard, tears just started rolling.  It was everything I could do to keep from wetting my pants.

As the laughter gradually receded, I rolled over on all fours and my body began to uncontrollably rock from head to front.  I couldn’t stop it.  At the same time, I felt an intense pressure encompassing the top part of my skull.  I felt like a baby getting forced through a birth canal.  It was incredibly intense.  I hurt all over, especially around my temples.  Later, I learned this is called a re-birthing experience.  It can happen at the beginning of a major life transformation.

As I imagined myself coming out of the birth canal, it felt like my crown chakra burst open with brilliant light.  As I pushed through, guess who was there to greet me.  That’s right…Tony Robbins.  I thought, “Not again, doesn’t this guy ever give up?”  This time he was standing there, pointing straight at me with his arm and fingers extended, as if he had just completed a karate chop.  All of a sudden, energy started streaming out of his fingers and a wall of electricity rose up behind him and came at me like a river at flood stage.  I was completely engulfed.  My body started jerking around on the floor like I was having a seizure.  As the last of the energy flowed into my body, it picked up the image of Tony (again) and drove him through the top of my head and straight into my heart chakra, like another runaway locomotive.

Bam!  Download number two.  To be continued…


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