Meditation Mogul, Andy Puddicombe on Healing Cancer – Does Meditation Help?

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

Meditation Mogul, Andy Puddicombe on Healing Cancer – Does Meditation Help?

What good is meditation in healing cancer?  Good question.
From 2003-11, I worked as a spiritual healer at the PeaceHealth Cancer Center in Bellingham, WA, helping cancer patients with healing and meditation.  I witnessed and assisted some patients with absolute miracles.  However, everyone’s road to dealing with cancer was unique as the person experiencing it.
The following article with a former Buddhist monk who contracted cancer, Mind Over Cancer: Can Meditation Aid Recovery?, was excerpted from the The Guardian.
Andy Puddicombe‘s 20 years of (meditation) practice were put to the test when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer last April. While the mindfulness expert and former Tibetan Buddhist monk expected the physical pain after surgery to remove his right testicle, he was surprised by the emotional and mental impact of recovery…
“Puddicombe, who aims to demystify meditation with his Headspace app, explains that mindfulness allows us to step back from our thoughts and feelings and view them with a different perspective. It would be very easy, he adds, to get caught up in negative thinking or feelings of anxiety and depression. But mindfulness gave him enough space to be able to embrace these emotions without getting lost in them.
“Rather than it being a terrible experience, it became a transformative one,” he reveals. “It may sound a bit fluffy, but the reality is anything but.  In fact, it was life-changing.”

*Since the early 1990’s, I’ve evolved into an expert at helping people heal repeating patterns of stress and pain.  I also assist my clients in  opening the doors to the magic of their own spirituality.  I also have books and CD’s and offer private sessions remotely, via phone or Skype.

If you have any questions on spiritual growth, meditation or energy healing, please contact me.  I’ve been working in these worlds since 1991.  I’m here to help you out.  That’s what I was born to do.

Or please visit me at:  I’d love to hear from you.

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