Spirituality and Suicide – A Vincent VanGogh-ish Story

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

533453206_28ea2e47f6_zA dear, dear friend of mine recently took his own life.  Maybe I’ll stop crying in a couple of weeks.

Some people said it was the ultimate act of cowardice and selfishness.  However, I’ll leave those judgements for people who didn’t know Vince.  They simply didn’t understand.

Vince was the most gifted and talented person I ever met.  He was a visual artist whose works garnished the walls of New York City galleries.  He had a beautiful voice and played acoustic guitar with the best of them.  He was a published author who wrote children’s books. as well as non-fiction and fiction for adults.  When he left high school he passed up an opportunity to enroll in a prestigious east coast ballet academy to take a full-ride gymnastics scholarship.  When his gymnastics days came to an end, he took up whitewater kayaking and conquered some of the toughest rivers in the Northwest.

That’s when I met him.  It was on a weekend camping and kayaking trip with a bunch of mild-mannered outdoor enthusiasts.

I learned around the campfire that night, Vince was also a spiritual healer.  That explained his other gifts and his tendency toward creative genius.  He was plugged in to a higher power 24/7.   He had a long list of miraculous healings he’d taken people through.  He cured people of all sorts of emotional trauma and financial problems.  And there were also major physical healings.  That was what he was most proud of, his ability to take people out of chronic physical pain.  The twinkle in his eyes indicated nothing was more satisfying.

The emergency ward at the local hospital let him volunteer his craft in the waiting room.  His healings were so profound, the newspaper even went to the trouble to write an article on him…The Miracle Maker.

On top of that, not only was he the most gifted person I ever met, but also the most intelligent, gentle, sincere, kind and giving.  Never in all my days have I ever run across anyone like him.  In spiritual circles, I think they’d call him an embodied Guardian Angel.

However, with all his enormous blessings, Vince was also cursed.  It was his personality type.  You see, Vince was a creative free spirit.  He was the preverbal round peg in a square hole.  Due to his free-spirited nature, he was enormously challenged at making a living.  Sure, he worked normal jobs but quickly became bored and restless.  His superior intellect and creativity didn’t lend itself to confinement, routine or mediocrity.

And like most of us guys, whether he wanted to admit it or not, his self esteem was directly tied to how he made a living.  Vince struggled mightily with finding his place in the world and on occasion was overtaken with depression.  As much as he wanted to, he just didn’t fit into the system.

His healing work, although brilliant, was obscure, vague, deeply personal and difficult for many people to understand.  It didn’t market well.  Furthermore, his shy and sensitive persona was a poor fit for the hustle and push of marketing books, CD’s and artwork.  He was a vulnerable artist, not an aggressive salesman.

So after giving his all to life where he gave far more that he ever received, Vince ended his journey of loneliness and perceived failure.  His beautiful, sparkling light was extinguished in a world where he was never valued, appreciated or recognized.

When I found out Vince had taken his life, I was heartbroken but not surprised.  I only wish I could have been with him when he died.

I remember a song written by Don McLean about Vincent VanGogh in the early 1970s, titled Starry Starry Night.  I think it was written for my Vince too.  Part of it went like this:

But I could have told you Vincent

This world was never meant

For one as beautiful

As you

*Dedicated to all the beautiful souls that we can’t or don’t know how to appreciate.*


If you have any questions on spiritual growth, meditation or energy healing, please contact me.  I’ve been working in these worlds since 1991.  I’m here to help you out.  That’s what I was born to do.  www.josephdrumheller.com  

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photo: V. Vasquez, Flickr


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