Marianne Williamson – Attracting Romance through the Gods

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

Marianne Williamson – Attracting Romance through the Gods

8704288751_d968f04c54_zEverybody wants to be in love.

I think it’s the fundamental emotional drive, pointing us in the direction of our own Creator.  It allows us to experience emotions elevated far above the mundane day-to-day human experience.

However, as magical as romantic love may seem, like many other aspects of the spiritual path, it doesn’t happen without intent and effort.  Manifesting our heart’s desire can be enhanced by focusing the imagination, to utilize attributes from higher realms.  That gives an element of control and empowerment.  There’s nothing like a little help form the Goddess of Love to stir the pot.

The following is an excerpt from a recent article entitled Honoring Aphrodite, by internationally acclaimed spiritual author, Marianne Williamson, emphasizing the attractive power of the feminine deity.

“Many contemporary women now embody the Greek Goddess Athena, while craving a visit from Aphrodite. Yet the gods only come to where they are fully embodied. Embodying Athena, we attract worldly achievement; embodying Aphrodite, we attract love. What’s exciting about being a Western woman today is that we’re allowed to embody as many and whatever goddesses we choose. For those who seek a deeper romance, it serves to embody the goddess Aphrodite, for she is the goddess of romantic love. In order to become her, however, we must approach her with reverence and love.”

To find out more tidbits about how to attract the love of your life, visit Honoring Aphrodite. 

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If you have any questions on spiritual growth, meditation or energy healing, please contact me.  I’ve been working in these worlds since 1991.  I’m here to help you out.  That’s what I was born to do.

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Photo: Stu Smith, british museum: greco-roman sculpture – Flikr Creative Commons


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