Why am I so stressed?!? Ask Oneness University Founder, Sri Bhagavan

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

Why am I so stressed?!?  Ask Oneness University Founder, Sri Bhagavan

This stress is gonna kill me.  I feel like I’m stressed out all the time.  I thought I was supposed to be spiritual, you know, peaceful, zen, and what not.  What on God’s green earth in wrong with me?

Answer:  Nothing.

Technology is evolving at a rate I can’t keep up with.  I perpetually feel like I’m being left in the dust.  i-this, e-that, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, drones, robots.

Insatiable corporations are working people beyond what is humanly possible.  Money is a phantom of desire for all but the wealthiest few.  Our systems are broken.  Violence is out of control.  There’s more and more people.  And it as happening faster and faster and faster and faster!  We’re 7 billion lemmings racing for the nearest cyber cliff.  The end is near!  Oh my God!  What are we going to do?!?  We’re all gonna die!!!!


Breathe…Breathe again.  Okay…One more time…this time very deep.


Okay, so things are accelerating.  Maybe, the stress that goes along with it is the natural by-product of a massive global transition.

If you’re like me and think the world is absolutely mad, here are a few words of insight from Sri Bhagavan, the co-founder of Oneness University, an incredible education institution in SE India, dedicated to spiritual awakening.  The following excerpt is borrowed from Oneness University’s recent monthly newsletter.


Sri Bhagavan

“Stress is a condition involving demand on physical or mental energy. This demand on mind-body occurs when you try to cope with incessant changes in life. 

It covers a huge range of phenomena from mild irritation to the kind of severe problems that might result in a real breakdown of health. Signs of stress may be cognitive, emotional, physical or behavioural.

Though stress is synonymous with a negative condition, a total stress-free life is not synonymous to growth and progress in an individual’s life. For any growth to happen, there must be a certain amount of pressure, to stretch beyond your normal capabilities.”

That being said,  stress is the positive indication of the massive collective growth were going through together.  I’ll see it through, if you will.

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*Since the early 1990’s, I’ve evolved into an expert at helping people heal repeating patterns of stress and pain.  I also assist my clients in  opening the doors to the magic of their own spirituality.  I also have books and CD’s and offer private sessions remotely, via phone or Skype.

If you have any questions on spiritual growth, meditation or energy healing, please contact me.  I’ve been working in these worlds since 1991.  I’m here to help you out.  That’s what I was born to do.

Or please visit me at my website, I’d love to hear from you.

Photo: Oneness University


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