UK Author Nicola K. Green – 21 Stunning Sunsets to Instantly Relax You

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21 Stunning Sunsets to Instantly Relax you

Nicola-Krystina-Greene2I’m honored to introduce UK author, Nicola K. Green, as my guest blogger today.  She is the creator of the Inner Sunshine Effect and author of Happiness: The Key to Inner Sunshine eBook.  I hope this article sends a little sunshine your way.

Sunsets have an exquisite mystical quality about them that hypnotically draw us in with their beauty, and leave us with a profound sense of peace and serenity.What is it about sunsets that has such a powerful effect on us?

Each sunset is entirely unique, a new expression of the incredible beauty that surrounds us, and serves as an important reminder of the power and life that exists around us all the time. For thousands of years people have been captivated by sunsets – it is a universal experience shared and understood by all races, cultures, and throughout time. The sun is our source of nourishment and energy, and it connects us deeply to nature on a very spiritual level, reminding us of our own inner light and sunshine, of hope, and of the natural rhythms of life.

Benefits to the body from watching sunsets

The colours and spectrum of light that we absorb and experience during a sunset have many physical benefits to us. Scienc
has shown that sunsets activate our pineal glands, and release melatonin in the body, a hormone that relaxes us, reduces anxiety, is an anti-depressant, and prepares us for sleep. A recent study in the journal Cell, also suggests that sun gives us a natural high, as it raises our beta-endorphin levels (which are feel-good hormones). So when you have the chance, be sure to take some time to watch a sunset, as it is a natural way to give you a boost and raise your happiness.With this in mind, sit back, relax and allow the tranquillity of these images to wash over you. Here are 21 stunning sunsets to uplift you with their beauty, taken from locations all over the world – from tropical beaches to winter landscapes, and the Guilin Mountains to the Grand Canyon.

1. Sunset Rays Cascading over Snowy Mountain.Sunset rays cascading over snowy mountain


2. Mesmerising Beach Sunset.Mesmerising Beach Sunset


3. Sunset through Foggy Landscape.Sunset through Foggy Landscape.


4. Dolphin Leaping from waters at Sundown.Dolphin leaping from waters at sundown


5. Bodysurfer walking in warm evening sun.Bodysurfer walking in warm evening sun


6. Guilin mountain sunset with Cormorant Fisherman.Guilin mountain sunset with Cormorant fisherman.


7. Seabird Soaring Freely over Ocean.Seabird soaring freely over ocean


8. Breathtaking Grand Canyon Vista.Sunset at Hopi Point Grand Canyon National Park


9. Gulls Drifting Peacefully over Ocean.Gulls drifting peacefully over sunset ocean


10. Mystical Forest Path at Sundown.Mystical Forest Path at Sunset.


11. Mother and baby walking towards sunset.Mother and baby elephant walking towards sunset


12. Our Big Beautiful World!Children celebrating sunset


13. Antelope in Sunlit Savanna.Antelope in sunlit Savanna


14. Ocean Sunset Panorama.Ocean Sunset Panorama, Marshall Beach CA


15. Serene Water Reflections.Serene water reflections.


16. Iridescent Tunnel Wave.Iridescent Ocean Tunnel Wave at Sunset


17. Idyllic Tropical Beach Sunset.Idyllic Tropical beach Sunset


18. Summer Flowers on Mountain Landscape.Summer flowers on mountain landscape


19. Dusky Sunlit Fields and Country Path.Dusky sunlit fields and country path.


20. Poppy field with bright orange Sunset.Poppy field with bright orange sunset


21. Hot air balloons flying over lavender landscape

Hot air balloons over lavender fields

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