UK Star Magic Founder, Jerry Sargeant, on Energy Healing

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Today I’d like to introduce UK’s healing phenom, Jerry Sargeant

Acknowledging & Accepting Through Energy Healing

Jerry’s Website

imagesThe Inner World of Energy

The more I explored my inner world the clearer it became that we implicitly contain every energetic expression. I realised that there was nothing that I could see in my outer world that was not in essence a part of me. As above so below. Our outer is a reflection of our inner. Initially I was frightened by the understanding that I contained such dark and horrible pieces. Did this mean that I was evil? I didn’t want to be evil. Those guys out there are sociopaths, I am not a sociopath; I would never do those things, perpetrate those acts. On some level I feared that if I allowed myself to accept the dark aspects, I would become them. The only sane, good option it seemed was to leave them unclaimed; to reject them, to lock them in a closet deep within my soul and forget about them. However, as I explored these uncomfortable parts of myself it eventually occurred to me that it was actually possible to ‘own’ these parts without choosing to enact them, to sit with them, bring them into the light and befriend them. After all I am a sovereign being with the ability to decide what actions I deem worthy of expression. I could claim all my dark, ugly bits, bring them into conscious awareness, and still choose to operate from a space of love. Remember a shadow always disappears when its cloaked in sunlight.

Stripping Away the Darker Elements.

As young inspiring and developing human beings most of us learn to reject ‘undesirable’ aspects, to suppress them in order to feel comfortable with ourselves, and to ensure acceptance in our family or social group. We select what we are, and what we are not. In order to elucidate I will use the most basic example: I am light, I am not dark. However, if we are truly a reflection of the whole, then we should contain everything, even darkness. In rejecting and ‘disowning’ our dark parts we strip them away. But where do they go? I suspect this energy, cast out of our inner world, manifests in our external reality. From personal experience I can tell you that when you repress your negative emotions or the darker aspect of yourself it then grows within your cells and does manifest externally. On the other hand if you bring this darkness into the light and cloak it in love it turns pure. I am not saying its easy but a necessary part of the plan or creation and growth as a spiritual being having a human experience and journeying home.

By healing our inner world, through acknowledgement of all that we truly are, we take responsibility for our energy and cease contributing to the darkness of our outer collective reality. By honoring every aspect of dual selves we seek out the truth, that of oneness, no duality which in essence is enlightenment. Enlightenment has no opposite – it just is.

When we stop fearing the seeds that grow in the garden of our mind, that we allowed to get out of control through neglect and mismanagement, we might discover that judging them as weeds may have been a rash decision triggered by fear and misunderstanding. If instead of pushing away the dark seeds, we chose to look at them more closely, we might discover that they have valuable qualities and attributes that we were previously unaware of. When tended and cultivated consciously, with understanding and awareness, we might find that their growth can actually have benefits for the whole. Every event, meeting, challenge, potential obstacle contains growth, wisdom, knowledge. By journeying inwards and heightening your levels of awareness, you will see this clearly and know with every fiber of your entire being that everything has its place.

Acknowledging & Accepting The Divine Wholeness

There are many approaches to begin exploring our inner world and integrating our shadow aspects. Carl Jung, a pioneer of shadow work, wrote much on the subject, and there are many great books and healers that teach strategies to facilitate the process. James Allen writes a great book called ‘As a Man Thinketh’ where he discusses the gardening of ones mind and the importance of keeping it clean. The most important attributes of initiating inner healing include being open, and willing to look at oneself as honestly as possible. A lot of my personal work takes place in meditation and when I am facilitating energy healing on my clients either at distance or in my workshops. When you heal others you also receive healing yourself.

Energy Healiing not only contributes to healing our collective reality, it also creates powerful shifts on a personal level. When we face and integrate our fears and all our bits that we previously avoided, we find a new level of inner peace, solidity and wholeness. To go as deep as is necessary to being this light of awareness energy healing is a powerful tool to allow it to happen faster and with support.

I have created this video for you with a simple energy healing technique that you can use to self-heal

Please share it with your friends and loved ones and together we can make this world a healthier, happier and more loving and compassionate place to be.

With Loving Energy,

Jerry Sargeant


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*I’m a three-time, award-winning author in non-fiction, fiction and children’s books. Also, a leader in meditation and healing, dedicated to assisting people of all ages in healing, awareness and personal growth, through on-line courses, private sessions, group events and the written word. Check out my latest on-line meditation course through Udemy here:

If you have any questions on spiritual growth, meditation or energy healing, please contact me.  I’ve been working in these worlds since 1991.  I’m here to help you out.  That’s what I was born to do.



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