Book Review – Happiness: The Key to Inner Sunshine

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

Book Review – Happiness: The Key to Inner Sunshine

Nicola K. Green



4.5 Stars!

When I read the title from this young author I thought, “Oh, this should be a cute little read…probably take about five seconds.”

Wrong again. I was sincerely impressed by the depth and wisdom presented in Happiness.

UK Author, Ms. Green starts by diving into what happiness is not. From there, she offers scientific, psychologic and spiritual samples of how cultivating happiness can benefit the quality of our lives. Techniques to connect to the Universal Life force (the source of all happiness) include: re-connecting to Nature, meditation end visualization, emotional healing, improving mental outlook and exercising human virtue.

Although I didn’t really learn anything new, the passion in which the material was presented made the reading a very refreshing exercise in reaffirmation. Highly recommended, especially for anyone new to the spiritual path.

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