Iyanla Vanzant on Starting Over

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

Iyanla Vanzant on Starting Over

Crash, bang, boom, collapse.

That’s happened more than once in my life.  Death and rebirth.  Sometimes it seems like life is an endless parade of holding on and letting go.  If we’re ‘lucky’, it can lead to the discovery of what truly matters.  The discovery of ourselves.

As a healer, there have been occasions when I’ve been placed in the sacred position of helping people through major life transitions.  They’re never easy but if the work is put in, the results can be phenomenal.  However, part of coming out on the upside of personal tragedy lies in asking yourself the right questions.

The following excerpt is from self-help guru Iyanla Vanzant’s blog, Starting Over.

15942094271_1305ecdb0c_z“…It was a hard pill to swallow. Did my daughter need to die in order for me to become a better person? Did my husband need to reject me and dishonor our commitment so that I could have a greater purpose in life? Wrong questions! The greater, grander, deeper inquiries I needed to make of myself were: what am I being asked to practice? What character values in my being am I asked to embody? What service can I offer the world as a result of the lessons I am learning? …”

Sometimes when life demands the ultimatum of staring over, it gives us the opportunity to reassess our values and put our actions in alignment with who we truly are.  It’s called growth.  In my opinion, it’s one of the main reasons we come into this world as human beings.


*Since the early 1990’s, I’ve evolved into an expert at helping people heal repeating patterns of stress and pain.  I also assist my clients in  opening the doors to the magic of their own spirituality.  I also have books and CD’s and offer private sessions remotely, via phone or Skype.

If you have any questions on spiritual growth, meditation or energy healing, please contact me.  I’ve been working in these worlds since 1991.  I’m here to help you out.  That’s what I was born to do.

Or please visit me at my website, I’d love to hear from you.

Photo: Lwp Kommunikáció, Flickr CC


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