Portia SLB and the Science of Being – What To Do When People Piss Us Off

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I’m proud to announce Portia SLB from Science of Being as my guest blogger today.

They Test our Patience!

We’ve all been there. Some people just have a knack for pissing us off! For example, we can get our dander up if we feel we have been insulted and fire back with an insult of our own. It can circle around and get worst. Most of us are unaware that the real source of our uneasiness is from fear that is rooted in the subconscious. It can grow there unnoticed only to resurface sooner or later as contentious emotions like anger, apprehension, worry, and hatred causing us bigger problems, even physical illness. Until we consciously address fearful emotions they will continue to plague us making us hard or anxious. They become habitual, part of our personality and disposition.  And, we can lose a sense of our True Self.

So What Can We Do?

Journey_Teaser_GraphicWe can release fear-based emotions through meditation and a skilled therapist, yet there will be occasions at work, at home, or while we are standing in line somewhere, when someone triggers an uneasy feeling in us.What do we do? It’s a matter of mental regulation – recognizing that every unpleasant emotion as an opportunity to refine ourselves, to come closer to our True Self and Love.  Think of unpleasant encounters as spiritual opportunities and synchronicity, where nothing happens by chance. It’s an opportunity we have set up for ourselves to release the burdens of the subconscious and align with our True Self.

How to Start

Chakra_WomanWhen you start to feel some uneasiness, be fully conscious in the moment. Pause your thinking, take a deep breath, relax and quiet the mental chatter; be still. Consider making the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy (Cosmic Energy, chi, prana, Life Force) to help you relax and refocus.

Once a feeling of calm and Harmony begins to pervade the mind and emotions, say in a soft voice: “I am One with Universal Life Energy. It is flowing through me now….

Be the ‘watcher of the thinker’ from a higher consciousness. Impersonally observe your body language and facial expressions. Observe your thoughts and attitude, drawing them into you and feeling them fully without any harsh judgment.

Be courageous and very sincere in your examination. Sincerity opens our heart and mind to the inspiration of our Higher Self. Keep in mind that people who challenge us emotionally are on a spiritual journey also, searching for ways to release the burden of the subconscious. Think of them as facilitators of spiritual synchronicity.

A Deeper Understanding 

The reasoning, conscious mind can go only so far in understanding. That’s when we reach for inspiration from our Higher Self by asking questions of ourselves. For example, if you are conscious of experiencing impatience in the moment, look up within and ask deeper questions like:

▪Why am I feeling impatient?

▪Why is it so important to me that I am attached to it?

 And, to the heart of the matter:

▪Am I reacting this way because I feel unloved or unloving?

▪Am I coming from a place of fear or love in my heart?

We are motivated by either of two base emotions – love or fear. When we ask such questions of ourselves with deep sincerity we will begin to feel a change in our attitude. The emotion of sincerity and desire for Truth opens the door to Love within us. The illusionary temptation of the negative emotion will begin to disperse.

Yet, we will still move in our thinking and emotions, therefore, you can further abet release of the temptation by:

▪Opening ourselves to a positive emotion like gratitude; gratitude that we’ve gained some insight. A positive emotion negates a negative one.

▪Changing our body language which can help us move into a positive emotion. Moving can disperse hormonal chemicals like adrenaline. It can take up to 90 seconds ——— to disperse negative energy, which is why some people jog or exercise, to help release stress. We can physically walk away to a quite place so we can better focus on our objective of Self knowledge.

▪Manifesting a positive emotion physically in our behavior like a kind word, a smile or stillness.

See the Divine

The subconscious ego judges harshly and blames, because fear supports those emotional judgments. The most beneficial thing we can do in a stressful encounter with someone is to make a sincere effort to see the Divine in them.

Inspiration-FaceWhen we see the Divine in another we are also invoking the power to see the Divine within ourselves! A thought of Love and connection to Harmony destroys negative thoughts within us and we will feel a relief.

When we choose Love we are transforming our thought process in our everyday life from fear to Love, thereby, breaking addictive, fearful patterns. This frees us from fixed ideas about attack, retaliation, correction and other fearful defenses.

If we approach everyone and every situation with an attitude of love, consideration, friendship, gentleness, and patience we will be happier for it.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

For more info. visit:

The Science of Being


Consider this quote for reflection:

“If we excuse wrong outside of us, we, without thinking, try to excuse the wrong within us.”  

 Pearls of Wisdom, Teachings by Eugene Fersen, Volume 1, page 332.


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Joseph Drumheller
Joseph Drumheller

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4 thoughts on “Portia SLB and the Science of Being – What To Do When People Piss Us Off

  1. Hello fellow devine being. I wish you peace, joy and understanding through your journey in life.
    I would like to ask a question of how can we best connect with the sleepers in this awakening times other than coming from an understanding place within us?


      1. True…
        I also agree!

        Appears some are put here or found their own way here… to distort our view of matter… (matter being universal consciousness)
        You can trust your instincts… these are guides if you quiet yourself and really pay good attention…

        Good article… I think you should share this on more communities. ..

        Too many are alone not realised their exist many who feel the universal consciousness as they do…

        Important to encourage, the spiritualism.


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