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Author, Cristen Rodgers
Author, Cristen Rodgers

Intuition vs. Mind

Most people know what the word intuition means, but a common question is how to tell the difference between intuition and the ramblings of your mind.  This is an important question because when you easily recognize and react to your intuition, you are able to create and inspire beauty, passion, and peace in your world.  Thus, understanding the difference between intuition and ego helps you make the very most of your experiences and give your very best to those whom you love.

Intuition comes from the spirit, and your spirit is connected to the energy of the Divine.  Because of this connection, your spirit can reach across distance and time; it has the answers to every question that you could ever think to ask.  Even in times when your mental and physical sight is limited or distorted, your spirit sees everything clearly.   Intuition is a moment of tapping into that infinite source of knowledge.  The intuitive person gathers otherwise inaccessible information from this field of energy, sometimes consciously and other times unconsciously, and uses it to make decisions or to inspire creativity.

Girl and cloudUsually, when someone is confused about whether a particular insight is really intuition, it’s because the information the spirit whispers is being slightly altered as it is interpreted through the mind.  They are unconsciously adjusting these messages so that they align with the assumptions and expectations that they have built about reality.  This can happen to anyone; it is what the ego does best.   It skews your perception to justify the beliefs that you already hold.

 These are the moments when you experience doubt; you find yourself asking whether a certain bit of insight was really intuition or just your mind.  You become unsure of what to trust.  In extreme cases, this confusion can lead to dangerous and destructive behaviors.   In most cases; however, it just causes a little bit of uncertainty.  And this uncertainty, when left unresolved, can slowly but surely begin to interfere with your faith.  Or at the very least it can prevent you from acting on what your spirit is trying to tell you.

The best way to avoid this kind of confusion is by regularly cleansing your perception, and this can be done with regular meditation.  Regular meditation helps you learn how to focus the mind in such a way that you can receive information without giving it meaning.  You are able to accept things as they are rather than as you expect them to be; you begin hearing the whispers of the spirit without the distortion of your mental interpretation.  With practice, you will become familiar with the feeling of pure spirit.  And this familiar feeling is how you know the difference between intuition and the mind.

Intuition feels uplifting, freeing, and natural.  The information comes from deep within you, not from observations and interpretations of what is around you. The actions that intuition leads you towards serve a purpose rooted in intrinsic passion, not external rewards or punishments.   Because of the purity of real intuition, doubt disintegrates and you feel a sense of confident direction.   Simply put, intuition feels honest, pure, simple, and passionate.  It rises from the deepest part of your being and the outside implications are secondary.  This feels quite different from the tendency of the mind to start from the outside and work its way in.

The more that you invest in your spiritual practice, the clearer the messages of the spirit will be; your intuition will be easier to identify.  This is because your spiritual practice prevents the kind of cognitive build-up that distorts and confuses those messages; more spiritual awareness whittles down the ego’s influence.  Your intuition becomes clearer, stronger, and more frequent.  When you find yourself unsure of whether you are feeling the pull of the spirit or the murmurings of the mind, take a moment and be still.  Quiet your mind and focus on the energy of the Divine; let go of motives and expectations and just be still.  Re-acquaint yourself with the clear, simple energy of your spirit.  Let that feeling guide you and you will find perfect peace that allows you to move confidently forward.


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