Meet Joseph Drumheller

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

Meet Joseph Drumheller

Hi…Just introducing myself today.  Hope you enjoy the video.

*For more info. into the worlds of Meditation, Healing and Spirituality please visit my website at: 

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5 thoughts on “Meet Joseph Drumheller

    1. Likewise Grey Owl. I viewed your blog and you seem to be acquainted with the mysterious aspects of living too. Are you familiar with the author Grey Owl? I’ve read a number of his delightful stories and deeply resonated with his passions for the wilderness.


      1. I only recently discovered him and have yet to read any of his stories. Presently, I am exploring my path but plan on studying other people’s adventures in the future. I may see about watching the movie starring Pierce Brosnan though. I did consider changing my name after discovering the other Grey Owl, but decided that that, since it was given to me, beforehand, that the events were simply a happy synchronicity.


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