Meditation, Emotions and Weight Loss

Spirituality, Meditation and Healing

Meditation, Emotions and Weight Loss

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When dealing with weight loss it’s important to remember that the weight loss process is a long-term commitment to a change in lifestyle that includes three components:

1) Dealing with Suppressed Emotion 2) Diet and 3) Exercise.

My approach to help people lose weight loss is geared specifically to heal the deeper issues causing someone to be overweight.  This is generally from emotion that gets repressed into the subconscious mind.  These emotions are almost always based in the past.  By using meditation techniques, I focus on releasing trigger emotions that fuel inappropriate eating behavior.  These emotions may include, but not be limited to, stress, addiction, out of control behavior, abuse, fear, and/or low self-esteem.  Subconscious healing can permanently release these emotions in a very safe and effortless manor.  It can also restore peace in regard to a client’s relationship with food, eating and life in general.


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4 thoughts on “Meditation, Emotions and Weight Loss

  1. I think the first step listed in the list of three things to deal with to lose weight is often overlooked. And, I daresay, is probably the most important of the three. As I have gone along in my weight loss saga, I have noticed that food used to be a way to make myself feel better when I was under stress or sad or bored or whatever emotion I was feeling. The work you are doing is so important and effective. Our world needs more of the right information. Thank you.


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