What is God?

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing


What is God?  Answering that question sounds like a great way to get into an argument.

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to speak at a dialogue dinner in the San Francisco Bay area.  The question posed to me was, “What is God?”.  I was given the topic weeks in advance, so I had plenty of time to prepare.  The cunning answers and slick one-liners I arranged were so craftily concocted, I was confident I could bring even the most devout atheists to their knees.

About an hour before the presentation, I was relaxed and dreaming of a time when I was snorkeling in Hawaii.  I was floating in a sea of tranquil and serene colorful bliss.  Then it occurred to me that most life on this planet lives where?  Underwater.  Humans have very little understanding or experience of this vast world that covers two-thirds of our planet.  Then I thought of the Universe, the millions of galaxies that stretch out beyond the limitations of our imagination.  Contemplating further, I realized we have five, maybe six senses, to comprehend our surrounding environment, which may be infinitely larger than what we can perceive.  And there may be infinite Universes.  For all I know, there may be infinite Gods.

I was getting confused at a very bad time.

My developing belief system lends itself to a Divine creator that has manifested everything–things we’re aware of and things we are not.  Minutes before the presentation I was to give, I felt like an invisible (and not very confident) grain of sand on an endless stretch of beach.  So when the question was posed to me, “What is God?”, I reflected, dug deep into my soul, and through the breadth of my experience I replied, “Beats me.  Let’s eat!”


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