What is heaven? India’s Oneness University Knows

Spirituality, Meditation and Healing

What is heaven?  India’s Oneness University Knows

Waiting For The Word Follow, Jesus Ascension to Heaven, Flickr CC

Heaven or hell?  Is it a choice?

We all know that from the beginning of human existence, various religions have promoted an afterlife utopia for devout and pious believers.  Maybe the concept was generated because human life is so challenging.  Heaven…a reward for a lifetime of suffering.

However, as we mature as a species, we’re beginning to understand our own influence on the creation of our lives.  Our thoughts and emotions have a huge impact on what we create in our lives.  Can what we think and feel also impact the creation of heaven?

The following excerpt is borrowed from India’s Oneness University September 2015 newsletter  It gives insight into creating heaven, right here on earth.

“Oneness talks about heaven on earth. This is not about the world changing. This is about you changing. When you change, the world appears to be different. The world becomes heaven to you. The world is the same but it isn’t to you. When that happens, all duality ceases. The world looks perfect as it is.”

Oneness University


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