Relationship Gurus, Maha & David on Spiritual Marriage

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

Is Your Relationship Serving Your Spiritual Growth?

“It is our wish to share with those seeking Truth and those seeking truly fulfilling relationship the path that we have blazed; to forge a relationship that will help them to find and dwell in the Peace of what and who they really are.

1-DSC01047“It is also our wish through this book to update the function of marriage as an institution that served a purpose in the Old Paradigm into a vehicle for transformation as we enter a new paradigm that works for the many and not just for the few. For as old structures fall away we are finding ways to make the World a better place. Clean energy solutions, systems to eradicate hunger and thirst, new technologies to enable us to work together to better the human experience and even help us to explore our solar system. But if we do not find a way to create happy human relations then we cannot live in a happy world.

“The New Paradigm is not in the future it is a subtle vibration to enter into in the present moment and this book is in its way a manual to help you to bring your primary relationship into that vibration.” – Excerpt from the book The Esoteric Path of Marriage: A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment Through Relationship by Maha Brown & David Pan Brown. (Available on pre-order now, to be released November 15th 2015.)

As anyone who’s Heart has been ignited for a spiritual quest will discover, the unfolding of your Soul affects everything in your life to which you have been connected: your work, your relationships, your understanding of who you are and how you relate to your environment.

 Those who delve deeper may come to understand something more, something not often talked about: that one can only be as enlightened as the relationship dynamics in one’s life allow one to be. That is the reason why traditionally, the yogi or monk often leaves his home and may seek solitude.

But today we are often asked to undertake this heroic journey of self-renewal and self-rediscovery amid the World. Thus our relationship dynamics must shift along with us if they are to remain healthy, that is, if they are to serve our spiritual growth. Indeed, if we learn how to enlighten our relationships, particularly an intimate relationship, it can be a most potent tool for our Spiritual Liberation. But this is a relationship model that needs to be completely re-imagined. For the relationships that we have by default as it were, those that are of the Old Paradigm, are built from duality and struggle, designed to build our false selves. This is what we will acquiesce to unless we have blueprints for a different kind of relationship.

So what does this new kind of relationship look like? This relationship of the New Paradigm, this relationship of the New Earth?

It is not only supportive of Spirit but consciously focused on mutual expansion, Spiritually empowering for both. This relationship encourages daily meditation together, conscious diet, feeding the minds with uplifting input. Fundamentally, in this relationship both members truly know what they are (Love) and what they are not (fear). Above all, it is a relationship that has a method and an understanding in place to process emotional pain and a culture within the relationship of supporting one another to dis-identify from time, mind and story. This relationship knows how to heal itself, how to forgive, how to be compassionate, to feel together. This relationship does not judge or criticize but is unconditionally a support for spiritual growth. It does not compare itself to any other relationships, especially those of the Old Paradigm that are focused on something else.

To forge this kind of relationship new agreements must be reached, understood and articulated, for when we turn our relationship towards evolution we are reversing ancient wheels of Karma and Old Paradigm dynamics.

What we will create between us is a relationship focused on Wholeness, liberating the totality of our Being, which entails that it is both mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sexually healing.


Written by Maha Brown & David Pan Brown, Authors of The Esoteric Path of Marriage: A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment Through Relationship a new book that is currently available on pre-order here. Release Date: November 15, 2015


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Joseph Drumheller
Joseph Drumheller

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