What is Spirituality?

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

OracleWhat, actually, is spirituality?  Ah…the million dollar question.

Based on my experience and point of view, spirituality is the authentic experience of the Universal Life Force Energy (The Divine, Chi, The Universe, Collective Consciousness, God, etc.).  For most of us, the best initial way to link up with Divine presence is in deep states of relaxation, trance or mediation.  What happens when we get deeply relaxed?  The subconscious mind (i.e. the portal to the other world) opens up,   Suddenly, we’re in the living room of the Divine.

Another way to put it is: your higher power lives in your  imagination.  What?!?  You’ve got to be joking!  You mean I can just make it up?  Well, in a way…yes.  The Creator makes it easy for us.  Imagine your relationship with your higher power as whatever you wish and It will respond in like manner.  You may see, hear, or feel this presence in your mind.  What that means is the way you experience your Divinity is how it is.  It sounds simple because it is.

Once you begin to experience and recognize this Life Force, then the real fun begins by developing an active and on-going relationship with it.  It’s a wondrous dance of perpetual creativity and growth that lasts an eternity.


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