Five Practical Tips for Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients

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Cancer?!?  Oh God no.  Am I going to die?

From 2003-11, I had the unique opportunity to work as an Energy Healer at the PeaceHealth Cancer Center in Bellingham, WA.  I learned an enormous amount about cancer from some truly incredible patients.   Here’s some of what I discovered.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer or any serious physical illness, everything changes…immediately. Decisions on treatment must be made, family members need to be notified, finances become a concern, and questions of death come to the forefront. Priorities come sharply into focus.  Emotions surface, sometimes powerfully.  My job was to assist patients through the subconscious emotional mine fields that come up during cancer treatment.

Here are 5 tips I’ve seen come in handy to help a number of newly diagnosed cancer patients.

1.  Find Someone To Talk To, Get Support.  The emotions that come up during the journey to overcome cancer can be very strong.  Having someone to talk to can help alleviate emotional distress and assist in processing the array of emotions that will be coming your way.  It’s imperative to surround yourself with positive people.  This is not a time to go it alone and I strongly recommend finding people who have gone through the experience already and recovered.  Also, try to find a variety to good listeners.  These can include family, friends, therapists, healers, counselors and support groups.

2.  Get Involved In Your Recovery.  Knowledge is power.  Empower yourself by finding out as much as you can.  Don’t blindly follow health care professional advice.  Get information, make informed choices.  After all, it’s your life and body.  Everyone’s road to recovery is different and yours will be unique for you.  Research all forms of healing including non-traditional types of therapy.  Some of the most glaring successes in cancer recovery are people who have been deeply involved in their own recovery process.  Go with what makes you feel most comfortable.

3.  Stay Positive.  I’ve noted parallels of many who have survived cancer. These inspiring individuals have a very positive attitude. Some see cancer as the best thing that ever happened to them because it brings wonderful new people into their life. Others view it as a wake-up call, teaching them what is really important. Many learn about healing, and some connect to a higher power.  Keeping a positive mental reference will attract numerous wonderful healing experiences.

4.  Use the Subconscious Mind to Heal.  Learn to Relax, Meditate, Visualize and Connect to a Higher Power.  The subconscious mind can be an enormous help in healing cancer.  For some, a contributing factor to the cause of cancer can be from subconsciously suppressed emotion.  When emotion gets trapped in the subconscious it will sometimes look for an outlet through the body in the form of an illness, such as cancer.  By learning to deeply relax and enter the subconscious, damaging pent-up emotions can be released, reducing some or all of the internal emotion underlying cancer.

The subconscious mind can also be used to heal cancer by 1) visualizing the release of cancer cells, 2) feeling positive energy running through the body and 3) connecting to a higher power (i.e. God, the Divine, Chi, the Universe, etc.).  Those who can help may be leaders in Meditation, Healers and Hypnotherapists.

5.  Focus on Living.  Cancer patients are some of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met.  Survivors of a life-threatening illness will be forever changed. Whether they seek therapy or not those who recover go through an enormous internal transformation.

Many who recover focus on living, as if each day were their last.  This can include anything but for most it involves being with beloved family and friends.  I’ve seen many relationships heal during cancer recovery and it has been a beautiful sight to see.  Those who focus on living while dealing with cancer have taught me the true purpose of life.  And what might that be?  The purpose of life is living.


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2 thoughts on “Five Practical Tips for Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients

  1. We treat cancer with Hyperthermia and various frequency devices, with great results. Yesterday, I had a patient, 12 yeas old, with advanced Lymphoma, who has a healing crisis, with 39.8C fever, and moving side to side in bed with excruciating pain. I took a towel, with little water and alcohol, whetted his head, neck and shoulders, and then laid my hands on him gently, with my healing “form), Something I occasionally do. After a minute, He jumped out of bed, said he feels no pain. The nurse measured his temperature again, it was 37.4. The rest of the day, he was fine, pain free, and could take all treatments easily. I had a patient, late stage 4 prostate cancer, with huge mets in the spine, paraplegic, bed ridden, lies on one side, shouting loudly of pain, on huge dosage of morphine. His doctors have given up on helping him with any method.. I treated him for 10 days, with both Hyperthermia devices, and 2 healing touches sessions. His pain dropped,he could turn in bed, sit in a wheelchair. He is a well known pastor of a big church in his city. This was six months ago. He is back at work now. We have many such stories,with late stage 4 patients (but we prefer to treat earlier stages) and people come to us from far away, and other countries too, even though we are located in North Luzon.Yes, the person’s own mental condition is essential, but the support from outside his own body is at times crucial for invoking a powerful healing force to return them from the brink. I find physicians who overlook this blinded by arrogance. Thank God for the power of healing.


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