What is Divine Flow?

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing


Divine Flow?  I know!  Isn’t it that the real expensive shampoo my wife buys at Christmas?

Not quite but nice guess.

Divine Flow is aligning your life to be in the rhythm of the Universal Life Force.  Because my mind works in very strange ways, I actually made up a mathematical equation for Divine Flow.  Don’t worry, it’s only adding.  And no, there won’t be a pop quiz later on.  This formula can be used to create anything you desire (i.e. a new career, possessions, a new love relationship, money, etc.).

Here we go:

Intention + Decision + Action + Divine Energy + Emotional Detachment = Divine Flow

Setting an Intention sets the plan and let’s the subconscious mind know what you want to create with purpose.  Making a Decision to implement that Intention sets the subconscious mind in motion to begin creating  your desire.  Taking Action puts the physical world in gear to bring it to you.  Asking Divine Energy for help engages assistance from a Higher Power.  Emotional Detachment allows you to turn it all over to that Higher Power, so you can forget about it.

When all these ingredients are released into life, nothing short of miracles are possible.  Then you can begin to realize that anything you imagine is actually possible.   A good indication that you’re on track is that things seem to happen with effortless effort or with unbelievable synchronicity.

  Go on, give it a try.  You never know, you just might get “lucky”.


For more info. into the worlds of Meditation, Healing and Spirituality please visit my website at:


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