Why Doesn’t Talk Therapy Work?

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

Jayel Aheram - Flickr CC
Jayel Aheram – Flickr CC

I’ve tried and tried to heal my problems with psychotherapy.   It kinda works—but not really.  It feels like I’m hitting a wall.  What gives?

When I first started my work as an energy healer, I thought it was imperative to have a firm psychological grasp on any problem to facilitate healing.  In over two decades of doing this work, my views have reversed about 180 degrees.

Don’t get me wrong, talk therapy can be a valuable tool on the road to healing.  It just plain feels good to talk through and intellectually process life’s challenges.  Hashing out problems can lead to insights and awareness surrounding behavior, family dynamics, self-discovery and spiritual growth.

However, talk therapy is limited to the conscious mind.  It rarely delves into the extent of the subconscious.  People can talk themselves silly and analyze situations to death but never get to the depth of permanent healing.  It feels as if they’re hitting a wall.  And they are.  It’s called the critical faculty of the mind, which is the protective barrier between the conscious and subconscious minds.  Not until we bypass the critical faculty, and enter the depth of the subconscious, is deep and lasting healing likely to occur.

Q:  How is that most easily done?

A:  In deep states of meditation.

When we meditate, the barrier protecting the subconscious mind lets down.  When the subconscious is open, suppressed emotion (most likely created in the past) can be easily released.  When suppressed emotion is released, many of our problems go with them.

So if you’re really serious about permanently healing on a very deep level, learn how to meditate and navigate your internal world.  It’s works like a charm and is not that hard to learn!


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