How Can I Fit Meditation Into Everyday Life?

Letter headSpirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

The meditative state is actually a natural state of mind most everyone enters twice a day.  That’s right before falling a sleep and just before waking up.  It’s also called the suspended dream state.

When we sit and meditate, we deliberately create the suspended dream state and extend it for a given period of time.  To master the art takes a bit of practice.  A few minutes of quiet meditation each day can familiarize you with this heighten state of awareness.

Once you learn how to enter your inner world, it can be accessed very quickly.  For some, it only takes a matter of seconds.  Then meditation can happen just about anywhere—at work, at home, or at play.  If it’s practiced enough, the entire fabric of your being will be influenced by the incredible ambience of peace.


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