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I’m honored to have Bill McManus, founder of the Storytime Pup Children’s Channel, as my guest blogger today.  For more info. on Bill and becoming a part of this exciting internet project, please visit:

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When a big lovable character connects with kids, it’s hard to put into words how excited they can get about the stories, the characters and the world it takes place in.  Recently launched YouTube-based children’s book channel “Storytime Pup” shows all the signs of being just this kind of channel, gaining more followers everyday.  

For most kids and their parents it’s not hard to appreciate a big, loveable dog who reads kids fun and educational stories.  That’s the basis of the exciting new YouTube  kid’s channel “StoryTime Pup” and it’s no surprise it’s off to a fast start winning the hearts of whole families.  Good impressions surrounding the series are so high some people are even calling it the “new online Barney” as a very serious compliment.

“The ‘story time’ format is one that connects with kids of all ages so we thought we’d create an interesting spin on it,”  commented Bill McManus, children’s book author and creator of the series.  “By having StoryTime Pup read the stories, kids respond to them even better and make a bond with his big, loveable character.  This makes the educational elements of the story part of the fun, which is exactly what we are aiming for.”

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According to McManus, new StoryTime Pup videos are uploaded every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8AM Eastern time.  All with the same attention paid to quality, entertainment value and keeping the educational value high.  All signs are pointing toward the channel maintaining a brisk pace of releases, which helps kids connect with StoryTime Pup even deeper as his stories have the chance to become a part of their regular routine.

The creator remarked, “We are currently working with about 85 children’s book authors.  We are developing videos for many award winning children’s book authors.  And looking at how we can incorporate StoryTime Pup into video projects focused on exercise, arts and crafts and other positive areas kids would like to explore with their big, loveable friend.”

Feedback from parents has been positive across the board for the StoryTime Pup video stories.

Michelle K., from Boston, recently said, “My son loves StoryTime Pup and we play at least one of his stories on most nights for him.  It’s amazing that these stories are on a free platform like YouTube, since he likes the character more than the ones on DVDs we would have to pay for.  Plus the stories are cool and fun even for myself or my husband to listen to with him, unlike some of the pretty poor cartoons today.  Five stars and fully recommended.”


Bill McManus lives in upstate NY with his wife Diane and his 3 kids: Ryan, Colin and Shannon. He is an author, entrepreneur, inventor and actor. He is the creator of the Storytime Pup children’s channel.  He enjoys writing books and entertaining children because their smiles and joy makes him happy.


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