Call for Guest Bloggers – Children’s Picture Books, Illustrations, and Videos

Children’s Books, Illustration, Videos, Audios and Publishing

Jason and the Crawdad King - Lii Avakem

Thanks for visiting my blog!  I figured it was time to spin the positive karma wheel on the Internet again.  So here’s a call for guest bloggers:

Do you have a finished children’s picture book, illustrations, or video you’d like to blog about?  Let me help you get the word out!  If you’re interested, just follow the directions below.

Send me an article with this:

1.  Word count: 700 words or less.

2.  Add photos.  The better your visuals, the more readers you will get.  Make sure to upload images in the body of the email.  I can’t extract them out of a Word document.

3.  A brief bio, 100 words or less.  Causal and friendly is good.  Don’t forget a photo of yourself.

4.  And most importantly, a link where people can contact you (i.e. email, website, facebook, etc)

5.  Also, anything you’d like to give away to your readers?  (i.e. free PDF version of your book, an audio, etc.).  This also attracts readers.  If so, include the link where they can get it.

6.  Format:

Articles written for straight promotion will not be accepted.  They end up as spam on most social media sites.

I’ve been blogging for a while now and the biggest hits always seem to be articles titled:

A. How to…

B. The Top 10 Ways to…

Weave your book or project into this format.  It’s always important to remember that readers only care about themselves.  They want something…like information.  Also, when you write this way, it makes you an expert.  And let’s face it, you are.  You’ve successfully completed a children’s book!

 Here is an example from the most popular blog:

Lili’s Blog


Best of luck!  Send your questions and/or submission to:


PS.  I’ll respond as soon as I am able.  It all depends on how many submissions and inquiries I get!


Joseph Drumheller is an award winning author with works in non-fiction  fiction and children’s books.  He recently signed on with Golden Bell Entertainment out of New York for 9 children’s books.  For more info. into the worlds of books, meditation, healing, and spirituality, please visit my website at:

Joe headshot color


About Joseph Drumheller

Joseph Drumheller is an energy healer and award-winning author. As a healer, he’s conducted over 2,000 private healing sessions since 1991 and worked six years in a cancer radiation clinic, honing his craft as a healer. He lives in Sppokane, WA.
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2 Responses to Call for Guest Bloggers – Children’s Picture Books, Illustrations, and Videos

  1. I’m definitely interested. Let me get something together and I’ll send it to you. Thank you for this very generous offer!


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