Reiki and the Healing Power of Children’s Books

Children’s Books, Reiki, Healing

Welcome to my weekly guest blog series:

Success in the Arts – Touching the Lives of Children

This week I’m featuring children’s books author, artist and Reiki practitioner, Simon O’Corra, from England.

Sunshine and Rain
is a children’s picture book that was inspired by offering my gifts as a Reiki practitioner to a young boy and his family.


For a number of months, myself and a group of other Reiki practitioners had been sending distance healing to the boy, who had a massive heart problem.  He was also on a donor list to receive a new heart.

Toward the end of our time together, he was finally scheduled to receive a new heart.  I agreed with this family to continue to send Reiki healing.  About that time, something strange happened.  The boy stopped eating, as if he was ready to give up and let the struggle be over.  It seemed like he needed something special just for him—like a new friend to make him feel and loved and whole again.

So I spoke with his desperate mum and agreed to write a children’s story for him.  I was hoping it would stand as a morale booster, in a time of need.  I also added a message to the story about friendship and the need to make the correct choices.

Sunshine and Rain
The book seemed to have worked a miracle because he soon recovered completely.  For me, it was a remarkable reminder about the power of words and images and their incredible capacity to heal, especially children.  Furthermore, the entire experience left a significant, unforgettable impact on my own life.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 7.01.16 PMSimon O’Corra loves to write.  He began writing in the early 1980s, starting off with poetry, then moving on to academic works, children’s books, plays, screenplays, non-fiction, and even a published novel in 2012.  Recently, he has expanded his creative passions to  painting.  Now he can joyfully combine both his creative skills without the need rely on an Illustrator to interpret his work.

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A pdf version of the book is available directly from me, please email me.


Guest blogger host, Joseph Drumheller, is an award winning author and energy healer.  He creates children’s books for Golden Bell Entertainment.

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About Joseph Drumheller

Joseph Drumheller is an energy healer and award-winning author. As a healer, he’s conducted over 2,000 private healing sessions since 1991 and worked six years in a cancer radiation clinic, honing his craft as a healer. He lives in Sppokane, WA.
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