Why Write for Children?  To Light the Fire Within!

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Welcome to my guest blog series:

Success in the Arts – Touching the Lives of Children

This week I’m featuring children’s author, blogger and freelance writer, Wanda Luthman, a high school guidance counselor,  living in Florida.

There’s something about autumn that makes us want to run outside and leap in the air! Or maybe that’s just Floridians (maybe not). In Florida, you see, it’s very hot in the summer. How hot, you ask? So, hot that you can’t breathe. I mean, you walk outside and immediately your clothes need to be wrung out from the humidity causing you to sweat.

So, when the sweet coolness of autumn finally comes (and it does come in Florida), we want to run outside and hug the air! It’s “our” time now. You northern folks will soon be getting snow and along with that pictures of beautiful sunny (but cool days) from your Floridian friends. And we will laugh. (You know we love to laugh.)


Ok, you get the picture. What I mean is that autumn fills everyone, everywhere with a wonderful sense of happiness because of the vibrant colors outside our window and cooling air that breathes new life into us. For us writers, we enjoy sipping our pumpkin spiced lattes and settling in for a nice time of writing.

And so here I am, tired from leaping and hugging the cool crisp Floridian air, ready to tell you about why I write a blog about Character Education.

I’m a High School Guidance Counselor and I love kids! I also hold a license in Mental Health Counseling. I’m 52 years old (whoops, did I let that slip out?), so I have a lot of experience. What I can say is that kids are marvelous creatures. We honestly don’t give them enough credit. They go through all kinds of hardships and even though they struggle and some make poor decisions, most come out happy, healthy adults. How does that happen, you ask? Well, it’s because of character, good character that is.


When we think of good character we think of our heroes who are independent, strong, courageous, kind and thoughtful especially for the underdog, respectful, and most of all just plain neat. We want to be like them and often we have bits of these characteristics within ourselves. Not always and not in all situations, but when the situation calls for us to be courageous, we rise to that occasion. We do this because we had good, or maybe even great, role models. Sometimes role models come from TV and movies but more often than not they are the parent or the teacher whom we felt loved us. Who took the time to get to know us and what we were about and who encouraged us to be everything we could be.

So, today, as the leaves turn a bit more gold than yesterday, reach out to that child next to you and tell them you love them. Ask them something about themselves and really listen (without judgement). Strive to be a good, or even great, role model. Encourage independent, creative thinking and help them find their passion in life. When you light that fire in a child, they grow up to be fulfilled because they are living out their purpose. When they are living out their purpose, they make the world a better place.


And that’s why I write a blog about Character Education. I want to encourage you—the parent or the teacher—to not only teach good character, but live it out as an example so you can help those kids you love grow up to be happy, healthy adults who are living out their passion and changing the world. Be their hero!



Wanda Luthman is a Children’s Author, Blogger, Freelance Writer and High School Guidance Counselor. She wants to encourage children to be all they can be and to encourage parents and teachers in their efforts to help children grow up with good character. Her books entertain children and are infused with positive character traits. They are available on Amazon and B&N.com. She holds a Masters of Arts in both Mental Health Counseling and Guidance Counseling from Rollins College located in beautiful Winter Park, Florida. She presently resides in Brevard County Florida with her husband of 21 years and 2 yorkies.

You can follow her blog, Wanda Luthman’s Children’s Books, at www.wandaluthman.wordpress.com. When you visit my blog, there’s a pop up to sign up for my newsletter (it’s only sent 4x/year and is never sold), you will get a free exclusive gift from me to you!

If you read this blog and want to know more about her books, email her at wandalu64@gmail.com and put JOSEPHDRUMHELLER BLOG in the subject line. She’ll email you a coupon for a free audiobook of the children’s book of your choice (The Lilac Princess; A Turtle’s Magical Adventure; Little Birdie Grows Up).

Would you like to guest blog on my site?  Just go to this link and follow the directions!  http://wp.me/p2sJaM-rV

Guest blogger host, Joseph Drumheller, is an award-winning author and energy healer.  He creates children’s books for Golden Bell Entertainment.   For more info please visit his website at:


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About Joseph Drumheller

Joseph Drumheller is an energy healer and award-winning author. As a healer, he’s conducted over 2,000 private healing sessions since 1991 and worked six years in a cancer radiation clinic, honing his craft as a healer. He lives in Sppokane, WA.
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  1. Thank you, Joseph, for posting!


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    Thank you, Joseph Drumheller, for posting my blog on your site! I hope people are encouraged to be that special someone for the child in their life today.


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