The Subconscious, the Divine, and Me

The Subconscious, the Divine and Me

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Through six lessons, Joseph Drumheller leads us from pain we feel to the ability to take action and create better lives.

1.  Pain Leads to Suffering

2.  Suffering Leads to Awareness

3.  Awareness Leads to Healing

4.  Healing Leads to Awakening

5.  Awakening Leads to Development

6.  Development Leads to Action


…This excellent book is a reminder, at a time of great universal challenge, how to do this at a practical, subconscious level. Highly recommended.

Dr. Greg Emerson MD, Medical Director, Treat the Cause Clinic, Australia

The Subconscious, the Divine, and Me provides an honest, accessible, and practical guide into deeply connecting with yourself and the Divine…It’s impossible to live my life the same way after reading this book.

Yun Suh, award-winning filmmaker, San Francisco, CA

Joseph Drumheller’s book is a surprisingly simple presentation of a highly complex subject. It is a quick and enjoyable read. Don’t let that fool you!! This book is extremely profound. Joseph’s approach is both pleasurable and enlightening…

Denise Cully, Oneness Trainer, Spokane, WA




The Unity Oracle

Winner!  2015 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

Best Spiritual Adventure

Finalist!  2015 USA Best Book Awards

Fiction: New Age

Finalist!  2016 International Book  Awards

Fiction: New Age

Cover 6.26 x 9.5_small

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After a series of visions in the Alaskan wilderness, Jason Sananda is instructed by an Inuit Elder to seek his spirituality, through the events in his life. What unfolds over the next 20 years is a mystical adventure, resulting in the creation of a new age Oracle that has the power to shape the destiny of the human race.

“A captivating and passionate adventure of spiritual awakening, vibrating with healing energy.”

 Tamara Zink, Artistic Director 

Artistry in Motion, Performing Arts Academy


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